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Carastro & Associates understands that funding decisions often drive a project, especially one with tight budget restraints.  We want to help our clients determine not only the upfront cost of a project, but the total cost of ownership over the expected service life of the equipment.   Today, there are many high-performance options available that have the potential for sound financial returns, but those options can seem daunting to clients due to the increased upfront costs.

A Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) provides a way to account for the total cost of a project over its expected life and is a useful tool in determining the best approach for a project.   LCCA uses engineering economic principles to evaluate the long-term financial impact of several systems by considering all costs associated with each individual system, such as all sources of energy (i.e., electricity, natural gas, etc.), water usage where applicable, maintenance costs, equipment replacement cost, and any other ancillary cost that each system would require (i.e., floor space, mechanical yard, structural, etc.).  Utilizing the LCCA is the best way to determine which system an owner should consider.  Carastro & Associates has the expertise to guide our clients through this process and help them identify a cost effective and energy efficient system that would benefit them the most.