LEED, otherwise known as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a set of rating systems created by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of high-performing green buildings, homes, and neighborhoods.  Emphasizing initiatives such as energy efficiency and materials selection, LEED provides awards of certification based on performance of a project at its completion.

Carastro & Associates is proud to have several LEED-accredited professionals on staff.  Many of our designs have been designated as LEED-certified, both for new construction and renovation projects.

Whatever the project, our designs are always efficient and effective, resulting in minimizing energy usage and maximizing equipment efficiency for our clients.

Whether a client requires a survey of existing systems for possible upgrades or the design of systems for a new facility, Carastro & Associates utilizes the latest innovations and technologies to help our clients create a project that is environmentally friendly, consumes less resources, and encourages long-term sustainability.

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