Formerly known as Carastro, our renowned services are now part of the nationally recognized BSA brand. Rest assured, our clients and partners will continue to experience the unwavering quality and commitment they've come to expect from the Carastro team. Additionally, they will now have access to the cutting-edge design and technical expertise that BSA is renowned for. Explore the future of architecture, engineering, interior design, and planning at

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New 12 Megawatt 15kV power generation plant and campus distribution system. Entire campus back up by two natural gas and four diesel generators with stored fuel for 96 hours of run time. Separate campus medium voltage loops for essential and normal power systems. Major electrical upgrades and replacement of switchgear and feeders within most campus buildings. 48 new automatic transfer switches. Campus wide SCADA monitoring and control system. New code compliant electrical distribution and branch circuitry segregated into normal power, critical branch, equipment branch and life-safety branch.

SERVICES: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Construction Administration