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Analysis of the existing chiller and boiler plant serving the Winter Haven campus. The study included the review of existing air-conditioning capacity vs. estimated needs to meet current code compliance, as well as additional capacity for planned future construction.

A Life Cycle Cost Analysis compared four air-conditioning schemes: water cooled centrifugal chillers, air-cooled chillers, thermal storage tanks and hybrid systems.

This study was followed by a complete design. Design included the replacement of the three water-cooled chillers, cooling towers, storage tanks and associated chilled water and condenser water pumps with two new 600-ton chillers and cooling towers. The plant will include new chilled water and condenser water pumps; existing piping will be modified as needed to accommodate the new equipment. A heat recovery chiller will be provided and connected to the existing heating hot water system. In addition, the direct digital controls for the plant will be upgraded and the new plant will be designed with variable primary flow. All new electrical service and switchgear will be installed.

SERVICES: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Construction Administration

Original Plant:

Updated Plant: