At Carastro & Associates, we have been designing mission critical facilities for 7×24 and 100% uptime before these phrases were popular. We offer extensive experience in the design and construction of: Data Centers, Central Offices, Operation Centers, Collocation and Web Hosting Facilities. We have provided engineering services for a multitude of industries and, as a member of the Uptime Institute, our professionals maintain ongoing training and certification in critical work environments.

When it comes to designing and commissioning critical power, cooling and fire protection systems, Carastro & Associates has an extensive track record. Company principals are Tier Certified Designers by the Uptime Institute. Whether your requirements are for a Tier I or a Tier IV application, Carastro & Associates can help you achieve the proper reliability, flexibility, maintainability and simplicity for successful operation of your mission critical facility.

St. Joseph’s Hospital Central Energy Plant

New 12 Megawatt 15kV power generation plant and campus distribution system. Entire campus back up by two natural gas and four diesel generators with stored fuel for 96 hours of run time. Separate campus medium voltage loops for essential and normal power systems. Major electrical upgrades and replacement of switchgear and feeders within most campus […]

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James A. Haley VA Central Energy Plant

New 14 megawatt 15kV power generation plan and underground campus distribution system.  Separate campus medium voltage distribution and pad mounted switches for essential and normal power systems. Major electrical upgrades to multiple buildings including the addition of 9 unit substations, 16 transfer switches, distribution and branch circuit panels. Campus wide SCADA system with monitoring and […]

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BayCare Data Center

Data center and office building to support 9 major hospitals in Tampa Bay area.  Facility designed with redundant utility and generator power sources for 2N (A+B) emergency; and critical power systems.  Project included MDF room, Network Operation Center, Computer Room, Staging, UPS room and support spaces.  Complete environmental and power monitoring system with graphical web […]

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Verizon Central Energy Plant

New Central Energy Plant with three diesel generators, four 1100 KVA UPS systems, three 600-ton variable speed chillers and 4000A double ended main switchgear. Permanent load bank system for testing generators and UPS systems. UPS power was delivered to the existing data center through four 1600 Amp switchboards configured in an A1/B1, A2/B2 configuration for […]

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