The design and engineering of industrial facilities requires a strong working knowledge of large power systems and controls, as well as a specialized level of skill and understanding of applicable codes. For this reason, we have developed a continual working relationship with the owners and contractors who maintain and operate these facilities. Carastro and Associates has provided engineering design and support for many industrial facilities including: Shipbuilding and Port Facilities, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Well and Pumping Stations, Trucking Terminals, Recycling Facilities, Vehicle Maintenance Facilities, Large Printing Facilities and Warehouses.

Port Tampa Bay

Refurbishment of three relocated gantry cranes for Port Tampa Bay.  Performance specification included the conversion of existing electrical bus bar pick-up system to a new pull-and-store horizontal cable reel power feed system.  New crane mounted GE 13.2kV – 4160/480V switchgear was specified along with general crane electrical upgrades and improvements.

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